Brand Ambassador

Warm, friendly, relatable to others.

With more than 30 years of Texas residents hearing her voice daily on TV, people often stop Jane on the street or in stores when they hear her speak.

Jane's endorsement of a brand is a stamp of approval that is highly sought after by names such as Audi Dallas.

Research repeatedly shows people trust Jane and consider her a friendly, reliable and trustworthy authority.Jane has a wide and diverse audience of devoted and engaged followers.

She offers her "tribe" not only highly relatable insights and heart-felt advice but provides ideas, recommendations, suggestions and solutions on many different aspects of fashion, beauty and skin care as well as home decorating ideas.

With her high level of appeal, Jane's endorsement will bring greater focus on your product or brand.

Jane McGarry Brand Ambassador
Speaking to people from the heart

From promoting jewelry, cosmetics, skincare, eyewear, and designer clothing to providing trustworthy endorsements for businesses and organizations, Jane's high profile look and instantly recognizable voice focuses the viewer on the brands she promotes.

People pay attention

Her loyal followers pay attention not only to what Jane wears, and how she looks, but to what she says, both her advice and the heartfelt messages she shares on social media and through her email and blog communications.

Jane's followers believe in her authenticity.

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