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Jane McGarry is the host of Good Morning Texas,
the popular lifestyle and entertainment program that airs following Good Morning America on ABC, Dallas, TX.

During her more than 30 year career,
Jane has been honored with the National Gracie Award for "Best Local News Anchor" and has been repeatedly selected by D Magazine as "Best TV News Anchor".

Jane is passionate about inspiring women to love themselves and hosts her own franchise "Say Yes To You" on Good Morning Texas.

Say Yes To You" -

6 inspirational steps every woman can take to increase her value.  Jane tells of her fall from the top of Texas TV,  her climb back to the top and what she learned about how we as women self-sabotage out of a lack of self love. Jane's story will empower and inspire you at any stage of your life.If you find yourself:

  • In one failed relationship after another
  • Always picking the same kind of man, the one that's not good for you
  • Doing it all and feeling like it never pays off
  • Questioning where you are in life and how to move forward
  • Feeling irrelevant now that you are a mature woman
  • Always trying to "fix" the problem or someone else

Jane's words will set you on a path to transform your life.You've probably heard you need to "love yourself more", but how do you do that?  You can't buy self love at the CVS! Learn the steps to take to manifest happiness, peace, joy and real love in your life!  I'll take you on my journey and teach you the program that will produce lasting change in your life.

This is the moment to Say Yes To You!

Jane McGarry emcee

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