Jane McGarry

My purpose is to inspire women to live well in their 60s and beyond, to look at 60 not as an end, but as a beginning

I believe each of us was created with a purpose for our lives that only grows more potentially significant with the life experience and wisdom we have accumulated by 60. We can live and give more at #60andbeyond than ever before.

And we can do it with a sense of style and fun. Let’s do this together!

Jane's Inner Circle

Do you want to feel peace and joy in your life? Do you want to feel the fun of sharing this next part of your life with girlfriends you cherish? Would you like to feel love again for your significant other or maybe someone you have yet to meet?

I've had those feelings too, and with the help of my inner circle of experts, I am living a life I only dreamed of.  I am excited to share how I did it with you so that this next part of your life will be the best life you have ever lived when you are "60 & Beyond". 

You will learn how I transformed my life, and with the help of my personal experts, map out your own journey, when you become a member of my new  Inner Circle and Inner Circle Premium groups for women.

Every week we'll gather for a Digital Meet-Up where I will introduce you to my trusted experts on a wide range of topics. My expert on self-love will share the tools and strategies I have used to gain personal confidence, navigate relationships and transform my bonds with my family, friends, and life partner. We can look and feel beautiful at "60 & Beyond" with the cutting-edge skincare products and technology my skincare expert will share. My experts on brain health and nutrition will give you a roadmap for feeling as vibrant and energetic as when we were teens!

You’ll also receive a very personal Saturday Inner Circle Email revealing some of the struggles and triumphs I am facing that may feel familiar to you.  And you will receive an invitation to my 'members only' Inner Circle Facebook Group.

For those who are interested and able to meet in person, Inner Circle offers a Premium Membership (Inner Circle Premium) where you will be invited to exclusive monthly in-person events & private parties at some of my favorite local destinations - and you'll be taking home some pretty fabulous swag!

And once a month this group will gather to share the new love we are feeling for ourselves when we give back to our community, serving meals in an exclusive partnership with The Family Place.

Inner Circle and Inner Circle Premium officially launch on October 1st, 2023, and we have a few spaces still open.

Join now to secure your spot and take advantage of the new member discount of 10%. You will not be charged until October 1st, 2023. 

How Jane Can Help You

As part of her mission to support women, Jane is a regular speaker for women's groups, businesses, and organizations. She has a warm, engaging, trusting personality and relates easily to people who open up and feel comfortable talking and sharing resulting in beneficial experiences for all participants.