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Jane’s Inner Circle Saturday Emails
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Jane’s Inner Circle Premium

Jane's Inner Circle officially launches on October 1st, 2023. Between now and that date, your monthly subscription is free. Your first charge will be on October 1st, 2023 and you will be charged monthly thereafter. You may unsubscribe at any time.
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Premium Inner Circle members receive the same invitations to Weekly Digital Meet-Ups, Saturday Stores, and the Inner Circle Facebook Group PLUS exclusive invitations to events, openings, gatherings & parties curated by me, that are unavailable to anyone without the Premium subscription.

Monthly Inner Circle Premium Events

"I have sourced my best partners and curated fabulous monthly events for my Inner Circle Premium Members. You will get a personal consultation for your skin type and sample the latest products that keep skin hydrated and minimize fine lines and wrinkles at our Cosbar Event,  The Inner Circle Swag Bag for this event is over the top! My friends at Ylang 23 are curating a jewelry party just for us, and Neiman Marcus is putting together a holiday Inner Circle Premium Event that I can't wait to share!"

Weekly Digital Meet-Ups

Every week one of my trusted Inner Circle Experts on skincare, make-up, beauty, relationships, and home decorating (and more) will provide advice, and helpful suggestions and answer your questions. Plus you’ll meet new girlfriends in the Inner Circle and develop friendships with like-minded women in our community.

Saturday Stories (weekly exclusive newsletter)

Every Saturday morning you will receive a very personal email from me, revealing my own relatable challenges with everything from aging well to parenting and dating advice. We’re all more alike than different and I’ll share the strategies I use that will enrich your life, too. 

Inner Circle Facebook Group

This Facebook Group is open only to members of Jane’s Inner Circle and Inner Circle Premium. This is the place we come to share and exchange our ideas, our photos, and recipes for food and living well.. You will learn, grow, and make friends for life!

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