Jawline Tightening Secrets

I wish they would let you smile when you're posing for these before and after photos!

One of the biggest worries women have as we age is our sagging jawline, or "jowls".  When I started not liking what I was seeing in the mirror I researched and talked to my doctor about the best procedures to help firm my jawline, and I want to tell you about two that I have tried and liked.

I have done Morpheus 8 three different times on my neck and jawline and really like the results.  Morpheus 8 is radio frequency skin tightening, requires only a little numbing, and it left my skin red and swollen for 2 to 3 days, but made a big difference especially on my neck area.  Morpheus 8 is also used to tighten skin on the body as this article explains What is Morpheus 8  and I have an appointment to try the procedure on my upper arms. I'll let you know what results I get in a new post after the procedure. 

I did Ellacor shortly before Christmas (the photo on the left) and then the photo on the right was snapped 4 months after Ellacor.

Ellacor is brand new and only offered by a few doctors right now, including the office of Dr. Rod Rohrich, where my procedures have all been done.

Ellacor is "micro-coring", which means tiny hollow needles are inserted that actually draw out some tissue.  More numbing is required for Ellacor and you need 7 to 10 days before wearing makeup.  This photo was taken on day 3 after my procedure.

These articles about Ellacor will give you more information. Micro-Coring Ellacor and What is Micro-Coring?

My goal is always to look as fresh as I can for my age without plastic surgery.  I've seen women who look fabulous after surgery but I'm afraid I would look in the mirror and not like what I see, and then what?

If you're anything like me, these two procedures are worth exploring.  

I feel an obligation to advise you to call my doctor's office if you are interested in either procedure. These are medical procedures and a safe environment is a must.  Additionally, Dr Rohrich's nurse practitioner, David Weir, is one of the few practitioners in the country expertly trained in these procedures;David was actually part of the initial trials and testing.  

Dr Rohrich's office is currently one of only a few to offer Ellacor.  For a consultation about either procedure, the number for the office is 214-821-9114. Please tell them I sent you!