Can You Do These 3 Things?

I hadn't been on skis in at least 6 years and I was nervous, plus I had had a hip replacement. So, why would I want to ski again?

It wasn't as much about skiing, as it was about hoping my body was still strong and flexible enough to be up to the challenge. 

I had watched my Dad falter when he couldn't move well anymore, and I've tried my best to stay in good shape so I can "love my life". 

I tentatively got on the skis, and although I could use a little practice, I was thrilled I was gliding down the mountain again.  All those days at the gym doing strength work with weights, flexibility exercises, and cardio paid off. 

I've been working with a trainer since my hip operation and he calls what we do Functional Fitness; my workouts are intended to improve my body, but more importantly, my life.

So when I got home, I asked my trainer to come up with a "Functional Fitness Challenge"; 3 moves that we all need to be able to do. The moves are in this video.  See if you can do them and let's make the healthy aging journey together!