Just 2 Carry-Ons? Here's The Truth

We were halfway to Israel, at the airport in Paris, when my son snapped this. And here's the truth about my luggage.
I did take just two pieces of luggage for a two week trip, and they were both carry-ons. However, I will make some changes next time and here they are.
I LOVED the Briggs & Riley rolling suitcase. The zippered compartments on the outside were perfect for "extra stuff" and the interior expands a full two inches.  The bag is sturdy which means the rollers were smooth and the zippers didn't break, even though it was stuffed full.
But here's the mistake I made.  I bought the 22" bag, thinking I could get it on all the flights.  On 3 out of 4 flights I was right, but on the way home, American Airlines made me check the bag.  I don't like to check bags because I worry the airlines will lose them, and all my contents inside, so I would purchase the same Briggs & Riley bag again, but in the 21" size. 
Now to the Patagonia "Black Hole" Duffel.  It really does hold an enormous amount, it is lightweight and very strong.  I would purchase that duffel again, but I made the same mistake here.  I bought the 55L size when I should have purchased the 40L size.  I was worried the 40L would not have enough room but now that I've used the bag I can assure you the 40L would be perfect,  The 55L was almost too big; when it was stuffed full it was so heavy I could barely carry it!
Both bags were really good, I would just do a size smaller in each, and I still could have gotten all my stuff inside. 
Here's a tip on how I was able to pack for two weeks in two carry-ons.  Shoes take up a lot of space and I packed only one pair of very lightweight heeled sandals for dressing up.  Those TEVA sandals I have on went everywhere else.  They were perfect for hiking in the sand and going out to dinner!