My Skincare Secrets

Makeup is my friend, but the real secret is good skincare underneath.  When women ask me what I do to keep my skin vibrant and fresh looking, I tell them about Eraclea, the skin care line I've been using for more than a decade.

Each Eraclea product is built using Hylafusion, a patented form of hyaluronic acid that is extra hydrating. 

I don't have time for complicated skin care and my morning routine is just 4 steps.


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Step 1 is Daily Bamboo, that exfoliates but is gentle enough that I use it every morning.

Step 2 is VItamin C Serum to accelerate cell renewal and improve brightness.

Step 3 is for extra hydration all day long with the super rich Hydrating Day Lotion 

And finally, the Eye Surround Cream helps prevent and minimize fine wrinkles.

When women ask me the secret to looking vibrant and fresh at every age, Eraclea Skincare, that I've been using for more than a decade, is my go to.

I hope you enjoy,