Secret Products for Sleek Legs

Jane McGarry Secret Products for Sleek Legs


The harsh lights of a TV studio can be unkind, and pretty much every day my legs are in the spotlight, so I had to research the best products for looking my best.

My "go to" product for giving my legs some needed color is "Perfect Legs Skin Miracle".  This product goes on easily and since I typically forget to apply self-tanner on a regular schedule, I can apply "Perfect Legs" at the last minute which I usually do!

Whether your legs need a little color or not, skin oil gives a nice shimmer. There are a couple of products I have tried. The luxury brand is "Perfect Legs Dry Leg Oil" goes on like velvet, but I think "Trader Joe's Vitamin E Oil Blend" adds just the right amount of gleam and the Vitamin E is great for your skin.

Just click on any of the products I've included and it will take you to my Amazon Storefront, where I curate my favorites, just for you.