The Power of Pink

Can we talk about pink, and it's "secret power"?

Just like the torsos depicted on my blouse, women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors..and not all those women have the resources to take care of their bodies like they would like to.

Jane McGarry The Power of Pink

During Covid, mammograms like the one I just had, have dropped sharply. So as we recover from the pandemic the need to help breast cancer victims may be greater than ever.

I am proud to serve on the board of the AiRS Foundation that provides reconstructive surgery for women who can't afford it after mastectomies.

Pink represents Breast Cancer Awareness Month  and starting Friday will draw people together to provide support, compassion, doctors & research dollars for women of all shapes and sizes...just like the ones on my blouse.

I'm asking you to join me and experience the Power of Pink!


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