Tummy Disguising Tips

Today I'm tackling tummy troubles!  I always say clothes are my best friend, and what I mean is using the right shapes can give you an instant tummy tuck, and actually flatter your figure.

Here are 4 favorite tricks I use.

1. Asymmetric styles like this cute top from Nordstrom creates an optical illusion.  Imagine if the hem of this blouse were straight across, it would actually make your tummy look bigger.  Asymmetric cuts for blouses and dresses have the effect of slenderizing the body.

This tunic top from Amazon uses the same trick and would look adorable with leggings for holiday parties.

2. Draping or ruching are my favorite ways to give a little "tummy tuck" and flatter your figure. This Karen                 Kane dress from Nordstrom is perfect!


3. Highlight something else. The dress I'm wearing in the featured photo  actually uses 2 tummy disguising            tricks!  First, the cut of the dress calls attention to my shoulders and away from my tummy.  Second, the                pattern of the dress is an optical illusion that gives me shape without hugging my tummy.

Jane McGarry Tummy Disguising


4. Finally, I almost never wear a belt. Belts are fabulous on women with hourglass figures but for those of us            who don't fit that description, choosing a top like this one on Amazon that's long enough in the back                      to give it a little tuck into your jeans or skirt in front is the perfect shapely solution.

Have a beautiful day,

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