What Does Your Body Language Say About You?

You have 7 seconds to make a good first impression!  Did you know that?

Because I've worked in front of a camera all my life, I've always had to be aware of how the camera "sees" me.  And the same tips I have used to come across confidently on camera will work for you in your next business meeting, on social when you are representing your brand, or anytime you want to make a knockout impression when you walk in a room.

In the video below, I explain the keys to coming across with self assurance, and I show you common mistakes that can make you look unsure of yourself, even when you aren't.

I coach entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO's, authors and other people who need to represent their brand on camera and in business meetings. In addition to working on body language and other help with appearance, I work with my clients on developing a pitch that will get you featured in the media, and speaking your message clearly. 

For more information about how I can help you, email me at jane@realjane.net.