1 Step To Find the Real You!

First, why is it important to find the "real you"?

I want to share my own experience that I think may resonate with you.  Growing up I learned to please other people in order to get their attention. Most of us deal with something similar because there are no "perfect parents" who are mature enough to simply love us & validate us for who we are.

So many of us go through life continuing to do and say the same things that we know will get a positive reward. The problem is that leaves us hostage to all kinds of external validation, whether it's from a relationship or success on the job. Along the way we may suffer hurts and disappointments that far outweigh the current situation, because we're still hooked into the old stories and need for affirmation to feel good about ourselves.

Until we decide we're done with that way of living and focus on loving ourselves. 

Part of my mission with my #SayYesToYou platform is to give women practical tools to develop their self love, and that's why I'm sharing this photo of me when I was about 10 years old.

Notice how I've got "cool" written on my shirt?  I was obviously feeling pretty good about me at that time and the photo still makes me smile when I look at it.

I want you to go find a photo of yourself when you were young, before boys and jobs and all that stuff, a photo that makes you smile.  And then I want you to do some deep thinking about who you were at that age.  What did you like to do? What did you find fun?

When I look at that photo of me I see a little girl who was very artistic, I remember drawing and painting and coloring in all my most fun moments. And I know that to this day, I still love style and color and art. That is the authentic me.

What do you see in your photo?  Who is the authentic you?

It's time to focus on being that little girl you see in the photo in every moment of your life. Get connected with her and be her.

That one step will help you find the "real you".