Barbie Movie Surprise!

I was one of the first in line to see the new "Barbie" movie. Barbie was the childhood friend who showed me that girls can be feminine and independent too, so I was excited!

There were lots of positive messages about girls valuing themselves but I found another message that was more meaningful to me.

Barbie's feet "touch the ground", both literally and figuratively, when she can't shake nagging questions about death. Death is not something they think about in Barbieland, because everything there goes on forever.

Honestly, existential questions about life, death and purpose were the last thing I expected to see at a Barbie movie.

Barbie learns it's really the human she belongs to who is worried about death, and Barbie is told to go help the human in order to help herself. I love that! I have learned that one of the best strategies to increase my own self-love is to show love toward others. 

Toward the end, Barbie contemplates "what was I made for?" In the movie, Barbie's purpose is to be a positive example of personal power and accountability.

The "purpose" message is deeper than I expected, but cheers to a movie that subtly encourages us all to consider "what was I made for".