Design Your Life With Me!

"Be an optimist". "Manifest good”. But how do you do it?
As we begin 2022 I want to share with you what I have learned & what I believe is possible for each of us. Maybe for the first time in my life it is possible for me to "be an optimist" because of the work I have done on myself, the foundation I have laid to "design my life".
Here are my 3 pillars:

Values: I spent time over the last couple of years deciding my values and now, to the best of my ability, I live by them daily. Integrity and love are important to me. When I go into a situation or meeting I think about how I want to feel when I come out of it and I act on my values accordingly. Looking back over the holidays I feel good about the love I was able to give to people who are important to me. I know I won't look back with regret, thinking "why did I do this” or “why didn't I do that?".  Every morning I pray, journal & set my intentions for the day.

Self care: I take care of me instead of trying to control others. For me, self care includes eating healthy foods, exercise, adequate sleep, living within my means financially, having compassion for myself emotionally. Do things always go like I would like for them to? No! But I know I am being responsible for what I can. And, guess what? I've learned others are perfectly capable of taking care of their own lives in the way they choose.😉

Faith: What this means for me is that frequently, and often involving situations or people who are important to me, I relinquish what *I* want to do, or what I desire in that moment, and do what I believe is right for me instead. Daily walks where I do a lot of talking to God help me find my way.
So with the foundation I've laid, and knowing I've given it my best, as I look toward 2022, I think to myself, why not "be an optimist" or "manifest good” in my life!
I hope you will come along on my journey and #DesignYourLife with me in 2022.

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