Giving Up Doing Things "My Way"

If you asked God to lead you, don't complain when you get there...


This is a tough one for me!  I say I have faith, I pray and ask God to guide my steps, and when it leads to where I want to go, we're "all good".  But sometimes God's plan doesn't take me where I want to be.


I've done it both ways in my life, "my way" and "God's way".  Frequently, my way was fun in the short run, but sometimes costly in the end.  I've learned instead to be patient, and rely on faith to get me through the times when I want to ask "Why this?" or say "This isn't what I wanted!"


Multiple times a day I may have to stop and say to myself, "Did you pray every step of the way on this one?  Do you believe God heard your prayers?" "Then Jane, you are exactly where you are supposed to be."


I've learned I can't have faith and also always have things "my way", and not only that; I have gratitude that persistent faith in God's way has sometimes protected me from "my way".


Blessings and love,

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