Inspiration Amid Aging

When I hit my 60's something changed, it seemed like all of a sudden I realized I had more days behind me than in front of me.

I'm a woman of faith, but honestly thinking about mortality is still unsettling.  

I can see in the rearview mirror where I've focused on all kinds of things in my life that may have served as a distraction from the uncomfortable reality of life: that eventually there comes a transition that none of us can explain.

In thinking about all this I came across a piece written by Oprah that pondered the same thing.  I liked her perspective and wanted to share it with you,

She had interviewed Dr. Roland Griffiths, a world-renowned scientist and founding director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research.  Dr Griffiths has dedicated his life to studying the human mind and has now been diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer.

Oprah wrote, "For him, the preciousness and mystery of life are paramount as he approaches death with a sense of openness and acceptance...So he's embraced this reality after going through a variety of emotions, which is only human - feeling depressed about it, feeling anxiety about it, resentment about it, to get to this point."

"After being awakened to the preciousness of life, he said he leaned into gratitude...looking at life and death through the illuminating lens of gratitude is game changing."

I loved this because I've found gratitude to be a game changer for me in so many aspects of life. 

I've put a few of my thoughts below.