Let's Play To Win

I see a lot on social media from women who are angry they have been "betrayed" by men.  It's painful, I know, I've been there.

But I learned I had the focus in the wrong place.  Being hurt, and commiserating or strategizing with other women who were focused on the behavior of a man, didn't help. In all honesty, it's not my place to judge a man's behavior. Who am I to say how he should be? It's his life to live the way he chooses. It's my decision whether I want to be part of it. It's my responsibility to accept who a man shows me he is, and honor him for that.

It's my responsibility to take care of myself. And I've learned a better way is to focus on loving me and picking a man who is compatible with my needs.

Honestly, all of this is only possible when I am not trying to get my worth from "converting" an emotionally or otherwise unavailable man to care about me,  and instead know I am worthy, which is where the work has to begin.  But as the say, the only way out is through.

I may not be happy with the way things are all the time, but who is?  I'm happy with me.

Hope for happiness,

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