Pat Smith Opens Up About Life Changes

I recently started a series on Good Morning Texas that we're calling "Say Yes To You".  I hope to use my own experience in building self love to empower women with tools they can use to increase their sense of worth and value.

When I was thinking about women to interview who could share their challenges and successes with self worth, the first person who came to mind was Pat Smith.  I've known Pat for years and interviewed her, along with Emmitt, on everything from their charity work to producing movies.

We interviewed Pat at her home on the top floor of a luxury building that overlooks much of Frisco.  She was beautifully dressed, and her new blonde short hair was a statement about Pat taking charge of her own life.

I think you'll enjoy our conversation, where Pat "spilled the tea" on everything from body image to the role girlfriends play in her life, as well as surviving and thriving in her own struggles to build more self love. Click on this Good Morning Texas link for the full #SayYesToYou conversation.

Plus, we hopped on Instagram after Good Morning Texas and I thought you would enjoy this Instagram Live!

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