Self Confidence Secret

Like all of us, I have insecurities, negative self-talk, all those habits and learned ways of thinking that challenge us everyday.

For most of my life, I tried to meet my need to feel secure, worthwhile and confident with outside validation.  Sometimes it as the approval of a man that left me depending on a relationship, at other times it was success on the job. There's nothing at all bad about having a great relationship or working hard and succeeding, but when I was depending on those things to feel good about myself it left me vulnerable to many things beyond my control.  A man has every right to end a relationship, or a boss can decide there is someone who might do the job better!

Here's what transformed my life. I had always gone to church, and "said the blessing" before a meal. but my faith didn't guide my steps every single day.

About 10 years ago, I got serious about my faith.  I started daily prayers and journaling each morning, and increasingly found myself relying on God to guide my steps throughout the day.  I started doing things that I didn't always want to do, but I knew were right to do.

And here's what happened. I started walking in what I consider to be my purpose. Part of that purpose in fact is sharing what I am right now. 

And since I started walking in my purpose I don't need the outside validation nearly as often anymore.  I don't need it from the outside because I feel good about who I am, and that comes from the inside.