The Fountain of Youth?

Standing alone in the middle of a vast desert can be an exhilarating experience, but living alone - as so many in our culture do - can be more like being in a desert with no hope of finding water.

Before my trip to Israel I had been thinking about the way we live, specifically how I don't think it's a recipe for living healthier longer.

People often ask me how I "stay young" and my answer is always that I am constantly surrounded by young people at work, doing new things and exposing me to new information and challenges.  I have to keep  up or get out.

What I saw in Israel and Jordan was that in countries where multiple generations either live in one home, or at least in close proximity, it is natural for older people to be exposed on a daily basis to new ideas and ways of thinking,

And another benefit is that while young people struggle to afford housing in our society, dividing the cost in these other societies seems to help everyone.

I'm sharing more of my thoughts on this in this video and I would love to know what you think.

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