Wanna Find Happiness?

 Maybe your relationship isn't working, or you aren't happy in your job...I know the feeling.

I've been through lots of ups and downs, including a divorce, relationships where I picked a man who would never be available for me, and all the anxieties that come with being a Mom.

I've been through years of therapy, made significant changes in my life, and still wake up to new challenges each day!  I've learned they never disappear.

So I started a "gratitude practice", each morning and throughout the day.  I start my morning journaling and prayers with 7 things I am grateful for. The key to this working is that the things on my gratitude list have to relate to challenges I'm facing that day.  For instance, if I'm concerned about my son, my gratitude might be "I'm grateful that I see this way that Michael may need me to give him guidance".

I know you've heard it said that gratitude gives us perspective, and I've learned practicing gratitude does more than that.  Acts of self-esteem build self-esteem and when I feel good about choosing to practice gratitude, I feel good about myself,  in other words I find happiness in the midst of it all.

Here's a video I did on social media with one of my favorite songs, "Gospel Medley" by Destiny's Child.