Which Of These Are You?

Are you a mirror, a window or a door?

They say there are three stages in your life that are reflected in your relationships, usually the romantic ones.

Attracting people who mirror back to you who you are isn't a problem if you and the relationship are healthy.  But it you are not, you will keep attracting unhealthy partners until you move to stage two, which is the window.  That's the relationship where you get a glimpse of what the love you deserve looks like.

After moving through stage two, you finally get to open the door on the relationship that you deserve, the one where you love yourself enough to attract a partner who loves you too.

Personally, I was stuck at the mirror stage for what seemed like forever, but doing the work to love myself more moved to the window stage and now I'm looking forward to opening the door!

By the way, I'll be starting a new "membership community" soon for women. I'm excited to tell you about it. Please email me at jane@realjane.net if you are interested!