Are You Stuck In a "Role" With Your Family?

Do you find yourself playing the same "role" with your siblings, or other members of your family even though you've outgrown it?

I met my brother and my sister-in-law for brunch this past Sunday. We had a really nice time, but I had to talk to myself before I walked in the door.

When we were growing up, I slipped into the role of the "rebellious" one, the one who didn't handle money well, the one who was irresponsible.  My younger brother, who learned a lot I'm sure watching his older sister, was the one who saved his money, who was more measured in what he said, and did. 

My "irresponsibility" I now realize was a red flag for a young girl who loved and valued herself too little. After the work I've done on myself the last few years, that role no longer fits.  It served it's purpose but I'm done with it.  But how do you change the role everyone has come to expect you to play?

Like I told you, I had a little talk with myself before I walked in the door to brunch.  I did the same thing last Christmas before we had a family gathering,

I've learned that I can leave those old stories and roles behind, but it takes intention.  Before brunch I set my intention on how I wanted to feel after brunch was over.  In this case I wanted to feel positive, like I had represented myself as the competent, "together", loving person I am.  And guess what?  I did. I set my intention and my actions and words reflected my intention. I manifested the outcome I wanted; to be seen as the current "me", not the role I once played.

I was pleased with how the brunch went, I cherish the relationships with my family and I felt good about being "me" and not the role I've left behind,

Here's a little more explanation in a video I posted on TikTok.